About Us

An Independent And Non-Partisan Think Tank

Institute for Policy Reforms is an independent and non-partisan think tank established to support policy making in Pakistan. There is a felt gap between challenges faced by the country and policy response to them. IPR’s mission is to bridge this gap for the stability and prosperity of the country and to create policy that achieves desired results ensuring that ideas lead to outcomes. This means that its research will not only focus on what is to be done, but on how to get it done. The Institute will work on a broad range of topics including economic policy, development, internal stability, security, and international affairs.

In addition to providing insights on important issues, the Institute will find practical solutions to the country’s many challenges.

In international affairs, the Institute will work for global peace and security with special emphasis on regional stability. It will focus on cooperation and economic development of the region.

IPR bases its work on strong values. Its research emphasizes scholarship along with experiential learning in order to produce actionable policy. IPR places high premium on rigour, quality, independence and credibility. It has a team of experts that meets these standards.

The Institute is incorporated as a not for profit company under the Companies Ordinance 1984. IPR’s operations are supported by guarantees from the corporate sector. To retain independence, IPR will abstain from donor or government support to run its operations.