IPR Fact Sheets

1.Review of Budget 2017-18IPR
2.Pakistan Economic Survey 2016-17IPR
3.Brexit IPRdownload
4.Pakistan Needs a Large Dam: The Running Saga of Diamer Bhasha DamIPRdownload
5.Review of the Budget 2016-17IPRdownload
6.Pakistan Economic Survey 2015-16IPRdownload
7.Facts about PIAIPRdownload
8.The Employment Situation In PakistanIPRdownload
9.False Statement by IMFIPRdownload
11.The Case of IPPsIPRdownload
12.IMF and CPECIPRdownload
13.State of The Power SectorIPRdownload
14.Early Warning SignsIPRdownload
15.Budget 2015-16: More of the SameIPRdownload
16.State of the Economy in 2014-15IPRdownload
17.Why Importing LNG for Power is Not a Good IdeaIPRdownload
18.Comments on the Monetary Policy StatementIPRdownload
19.State of The Power SectorIPRdownload
20.The Hike in Petroleum TaxesIPRdownload
21.The Petrol CrisisIPRdownload
22.One Year of Economic Turn AroundIPRdownload
23.Government can increase energy supply immediatelyIPRdownload
24.Effect of Rupee Appreciation on the EconomyIPRdownload
25.Single- Stage Sales Tax VS Value Added TaxIPRdownload