IPR Reports

1.Review of the Economy: July-December 2016-17Ashraf M. Hayat
2.Re-engineering Economic Structure: A Growth Strategy for the Long TermAshraf M. Hayatdownload
3.Review of the Economy: July-September 2016Ashraf M. Hayatdownload
4.Annual Review of the Economy 2015-16Ashraf M. Hayatdownload
5.Budget Proposals 2016-17Ashraf M. Hayatdownload
6.Six Month Review of the Economy 2015-16Ashraf M. Hayatdownload
7.Strengthening Stabilization And Economic GrowthHumayun Akhtar Khandownload
8.Human Development Index of The ProvincesIPRdownload
9.Building A Knowledge Economy: Imperative for Socio-Economic DevelopmentAtta-ur-Rahmandownload
10.Evaluation of The Prime Minister’s Agriculture Relief PackageHafiz A. Pashadownload
11.NEPRA vs MOWPHafiz A. Pashadownload
12.Budget Strategy Paper for 2015-16Hafiz A. Pashadownload
13.A Sustainable Resolution to the Energy CrisisAshraf M. Hayatdownload
14.National Counter Terrorism and Extremism StrategyTariq Parvezdownload
15.Six Monthly Economic ReviewHafiz A. Pashadownload
16.The Review For First Quarter of 2014-15Hafiz A. Pashadownload
17.Economic Scorecard of The PML (N) Government In 2013-14Hafiz A. Pashadownload
18.Strategy not Tactics: Better Governance for Social Stability in PakistanAshraf M. Hayatdownload
19.Review of 2013-14 And Outlook For 2014-15Hafiz A. Pashadownload
20.No Time To Lose: How The Civil Government Must Lead During ConflictIPRdownload
21.Review of Macro Economic Performance In the First Six Months of 2013-14Hafiz A. Pashadownload
22.Budgetary Proposals 2014-15IPRdownload
23.Provincial Budgetary Proposals 2014-15 IPRdownload