Press Releases

1.Despite growth, major risks to the economy22 Dec 2017
2.Growth Without Strong Fundamentals10 Oct 2017
3.GOP must ensure SBP independence24 Aug 2017
4.Implications for Pakistan of Trump’s Visit to Riyadh6 June 2017
5.A budget full of promises26 May 2017
6.Why we miss economic targets each year25 May 2017
7.Balance of Payment is a critical challenge9 May 2017
8.Pakistan has a key role in regional stability 4 April 2017
9.Economic environment restricts growth in Pakistan10 April 2017
10.A plan for catch up economic growth26 March 2017download
11.Pakistan exports are in free fall30 December 2016download
12.Sustained economic growth not possible without structural reforms10 Oct 2016download
13.Deepening US India relations affect regional security balance9 Sep 2016download
14.Pakistan and USA must forge common vision for regional security1 Aug 2016download
15.Difficult time for Turkey27 July 2016download
16.Brexit affects us all in many ways4 July 2016download
17.IPR: Pakistan must increase water storage capacity13 June 2016download
18.IPR: Budget fails to address real issues of the economy3 June 2016download
19.A number of economic issues need immediate attention2 June 2016download
20.IPR Issues Proposals for Budget 2016-1717 May 2016download
21.Change in IPR Officials8 March 2016download
22.The Pros and Cons of Trade Relations with India7 July 2015download
23.Economic policies - More of the same: IPR Review 15 June 2015download
24.Time for Government to Revive the Economy7 May 2015download
25.Imported LNG would further hurt the power sector13 April 2015download
26.SBP’s Monetary Policy Statement Gives too Optimistic a Picture25 March 2015download
27.No Improvement in Load Shedding for the Next Two Years26 February 2014download
28.Economy caught in a slow-growth trap20 November 2014download
29.Increased Concentration of Power Leads to Disaffection11 September 2014download
30.Outlook for Pakistan Economy Marked by Uncertainties8 August 2014download
31.Government must take lead to create a narrative against terrorism18 June 2014download
32.IPR highlights role of provinces in national development10 June 2014download
33.Government Can Immediately Ease Load-shedding Burden on the People7 May 2014download
34.Proposals for the Federal Budget7 May 2014download
35.Mixed Economic Performance6 March 2014download