The urge for peace and prosperity is a universal human desire. This is the promise of Pakistan and the vision of the founders of our country. IPR will help policy and decision makers realize this promise for the people of Pakistan. IPR will work to bridge the gap between good intentions, policy, and their outcomes so that the people of Pakistan join the international community in progress and prosperity. In international affairs, IPR will work for regional stability and global peace. Our work will be credible and non-partisan based on research and scholarship

 — Humayun Akhtar Khan , Chairman – Institute for Policy Reforms —

At IPR, we have re-imagined policy making to find practical and workable solutions for the challenges faced by Pakistan. IPR’s vision is to push the limits of knowledge to combine theory and delivery experience so that policies work for the people. This means policies that lie at the nexus of theory, on-ground experience, politics, and societal preferences. Policies must empower people to pull themselves out of poverty and to satisfy the natural human urge for equity, good governance, and dignity. We are working to change Pakistan’s future from conflict and poverty to progress and prosperity

Ashraf M. Hayat , Executive Director and Secretary to the Board – Institute for Policy Reforms